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Eileen Askew

1. First music bought/downloaded?
Transformer Lou Reed
2. Favourite TV show?
3. Perfect night out?
Meal and dancing
4. Best thing about Cov?
Easy to travel to elsewhere. Actually, the people
5. Best thing about Allesley Silas?
Beautiful story brought to a new century

Marc Carey


The fist song I ever bought was the vinyl 45 rpm single of "Dreamer" by Supertramp. I had heard the song at a village disco in deepest, darkest Devon where I was brought up. It was 75 new pence from WH Smith in Exeter. The year was 1974 and I was twelve years old.  


My favourite TV show is "Gavin and Stacey". A terrific comedy by two young writers who managed to be very funny without being mean or cynical. Every character is brilliantly played and completely loveable in their own way. 


What I like most about The Allesley Silas is the people involved. I have honestly never met a more friendly and supportive bunch of folk. Rehearsals have been a perfect balance of fun and hard work, the tone set by Nick, our director

Nick Walker


1. First music. I bought Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders when I was ten. 99p single from Woolworths!

2. Favourite TV show: Going to go with the only one I regularly re-watch, and that's The West Wing.

3. Perfect night out: A pub by the river with the funniest people I know. Boat home.

4. Best thing about Cov: I think Cov's parks are great. Allesley, Memorial, Lake View. Got a soft spot for Hearsall Common.

5. Best thing about Allesley Silas: A lot of friendships have grown, made deeper because of the challenges everyone has has to overcome to make the play happen at all.

Sonia Tranter


Favourite tv show


Silent Witness


Perfect night out


Take in a show and then a meal and drink after in a place where you can talk the night night away about what you've just seen 


Best thing about Coventry


Diversity and friendliness 

Julie MacDonald

3. Perfect night out? A nice meal followed by a theatre show.

4. Best thing about Cov? The resilience of the residents and it's reputation for peace and reconciliation.

5. Best thing about Allesley Silas? A timeless story brought to life by a brilliant adaptation interpreted by a friendly cast and crew.

Amy Kakoura

 First music bought/downloaded?

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love. Technically it was gifted to me by the music shop as I'd nearly worn it out at the listening stand. 


2. Favourite TV show?


Flowers (C4). It's  melancholy and silly and bleak in equal measure which suits me down to the ground. 


3. Perfect night out?


An adventure


4. Best thing about Cov?


Its resilience


5. Best thing about Allesley Silas?


The company. 

John Bennell

first music purchased,

The pogues the best of


favourite tv show

prison break


prefect night out,

a 'few cans' in a garden surrounded by good people and good music 


best thing about cov,

some would say its rich history but id say its big future and what else is to come from the city and its artists.


best thing about silas,

it has to be the connection between all the cast and crew, since day one there has been such a loving family feel from everyone towards everyone. it really has been the best couple of weeks and it really is going to be a shame when it comes to an end.

Jill Dowse

3. Campfire on a beach…music and song jamming away, some crazy dancing… local fish and brew… midnight swim.

5. Everything! Doing theatre again with a beautiful story and beautiful people.

1 I think it was - forgive me - David Soul. Awful. Didn’t even like Hutch! I was a Starsky fan.

Alex Allison

Favourite TV show? Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries 


Perfect night out? Must include lots of food and good music.


Best thing about Allesley Silas? The cast and crew are the loveliest people to work with and the story has so much heart. 

Sam Barrowcliffe

Favourite TV show - Breaking Bad 

First music ever bought - What's the story? Morning Glory? - Oasis 

Favourite thing about Allesley Silas - the fantastic cast, crew and production team. 

Jake Barrowcliffe

2. Favourite TV show? My favourite television programme would have to be Twin Peaks. I have great memories of watching this with my Mum and us speculating about where we thought the story would go next. And remember, the owls are not what they seem.
3. Perfect night out? I’m going to sound really miserable now but my perfect night out would actually be a night in. I like being with my friends and being able to talk. Some of the ‘best nights out’ I’ve have had have been ‘boring nights in.
5. Best thing about Allesley Silas? I think it’s incredibly relatable. I relate to Silas and his story but I think everyone can. That’s what makes this such an incredible tale. We recognise elements form our own life in his.

Saul Bache

First music - McFly, motion in the Ocean

Favourite TV - The Newsroom (a masterpiece by Aaron Sorkin, hugely recommend it)

Perfect night out- live music followed by an evening/night on the beach. House party afterwards.

Tracie Williams

1. First music bought/downloaded? New Kids On The Block or Madonna
2. Favourite TV show? Anything crime or psychology related, probably Criminal Minds as it's both!
3. Perfect night out? Any night that involves my husband, some food, our best friends and music and laughs.
4. Best thing about Cov? It's in the middle of everything and doesn't feel like a city. I'm a small town girl.
5. Best thing about Allesley Silas? All the new people I've met and getting to form something completely new.

Olivia Dineley

3. Perfect night out?

Camping out under the stars, reading something amazing, with some great music playing and great people around! 

4. Best thing about Cov? 

The wonderful creative community and beautiful work always being made! 

5. Best thing about Allesley Silas? 

The cast have such a great time and have been such a pleasure to work with. The show is pretty amazing too!

Amy Mohamad Khalil

1) First music downloaded: Love Story by Taylor Swift
2) Favourite TV show: The Good Place
3) Best thing About Allesley Silas: The people!

Adrian DeCosta

First album was Public Enemy - It takes a nation of millions to hold us back. I was about 9 I was in a record shop with my mum and she suggested it. I still have the cassette.  


Favourite TV Well I do love a good TV series from Fresh Prince of Bel Air to The Boondocks. I love great characters and stories. My favourite would have to be Match of the day. 


Favourite thing about Silas Marner. He is not afraid of change. I mean this in that for his own life he makes changes. I’ve been accused in my own town. I’m not guilty but I’ll move some where new. Baby arrives at my door mother dead. I’ll take her on. Try a pipe ok why not. 


Favourite thing about Coventry. The warmth of the people. I’ve worked up here, as I’m from London, many times and it’s the people that always bring me back. There’s a warmth and I see a genuine community sprit.

Lydia Sampson Foster

1. Steps Gold edition 2. Death in Paradise 3. Cocktails and movie night with my best friends and popcorn! 4. The best thing about Coventry is the community 5. The people and the music!

Liz Geuken

1. First music bought = The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde by Georgie Fame (1968)


2. Favourite TV show = Montalbano


5. Best thing about Allesley Silas = The chance to act with & get to know so many friendly, like-minded people and have tremendous fun doing so. A wonderful production that I'm proud to be part of.

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